I am a helper of nature and I have a dream. I imagine every American being strong, well and powerful, waking up pain free every morning, feeling rested and happy. I envision America leading a healthy lifestyle in their slender bodies, having healthy kids, families and relationships in all directions. I want all of us to be free from the dependence of unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs and other “band aids” masking the symptoms rather than treating the cause. I also imagine our kids growing up healthy, balanced and without “imposed conditions”.
I have been in the health industry for 30 years, starting as a personal trainer and ambulance driver.  I began to see our nations health decline drastically about 15 years ago and wanted to know the reason for this. We have excellent medical resources, clean food, everything is highly regulated and still we have one of the highest infant mortality rates, and the sickest people in the world. I have dedicated 15 years to learn and help with this epidemic. This is why I developed the true health concept with a multifaceted approach to health, weight management, and longevity. I can help you, I believe that if we are all healthy, this country will find balance, strength, and even a brighter future. I believe that we can change.
WE CAN DO IT, together!
Ubbe Liljeblad

Ubbe is dedicated to client health.

Our team offers customized support for clients in a private setting. Ubbe’s is a place for extra attention, focusing on quality service and long lasting results. We work with the whole client, not just the body. We listen and design programs to address client habits and needs, rather than forcing rigid principles.

What You Get At Ubbe’s.
  • Support For Your Success – Email, or call anytime, we know that it weight-loss is challenging at times.
  • No Membership Fees – You pay only for services you choose.
  • Affordable Services – Choose your cost; prices depend on how many friends you bring and how often you come. The more you take advantage of us, the less it costs.
  • Privacy – Only 1 or 2 trainers work at a time, free of distractions of crowded gyms. Achieve your goals without the world watching. You can even bring your own music!
  • No Waiting For Equipment – It’s all yours during your workout.
  • Customized Service – Your workout, hypnotherapy, and coaching are designed with you, for you.
  • Create Your Own Class – Bring friends for your own set of guided workouts: Baby-Belly Be Gone, Get in Shape for the Wedding (or the Football/Basketball/Baseball/Rowing Season). Set up your own group coaching sessions for weight loss, motivation, teambuilding, relationships, parenting.
  • NASM-Certified Trainers – All trainers at Ubbe’s are accredited through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Science based methods! – We take an approach that is very unusual but it WORKS FOR SUSTAINED WEIGHT REDUCTION.
  • Seminars –  Food addiction, non inflammatory foods, too much exercise, why am i controlled by food, do we really eat food or just products. These are some of the topics you will take part of at Ubbe’s
  • Hard core training – After all Ubbe used to be a bodybuilder and gymnast. If you want hard core training you’ll get it.
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