June 29th, 2009

So here’s my game, based on a list in the 2007 book Sugar Shock! (whose author, Connie Bennett, we talked with at the April summit).

See how well you can rank the following, from lowest to highest sugar content (answers below):

· 8-oz Minute Maid Strawberry Slurpee from 7-Eleven
· 16-oz grande Starbucks Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino Blended Crème
· 2 Slimfast peanut butter bars
· 2 slices white bread
· 7-oz orange juice
· 2 slices Domino’s pizza
· 8-oz Dannon lowfat yogurt with fruit

2 slices white bread = 2-4 tsps sugar
2 slices Domino’s pizza = 3-4 tsps
7-oz orange juice = 4.5 tsps
2 Slimfast peanut butter bars= 5 tsps
8-oz Slurpee = 8.25 tsps
8-oz yogurt w/fruit = 10-11.25 tsps
16-oz frappuccino = 21.25 tsps

Wasn’t that fun? Now you can amaze and annoy your friends by telling them how much sugar is in the “diet” yogurt they’re eating for lunch.

Until next time, enjoy your health and your bites!
Anne Whitson, M.A., N.S.
Nutrition/Life Coach
Ubbe’s Fitness Studio

June 29th, 2009

As you sweeten your coffee, consider this:

Serge Ahmed, PhD, from the University of Bordeaux in France experiments with rats to find out how addicting sugar is (rats get addicted to most of the same things as humans – nicotine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines).

He reports that when rats can choose between sweetened water and intravenous cocaine, the second most addicting substance after heroin, the large majority (94%) prefer the sweet taste. He gets the same results with table sugar (sucrose) and saccharin. The rats choose sweet taste over cocaine even after they have become addicted to cocaine.

Dr. Ahmed says, “…refined sugar is just another white powder along with pure cocaine.”

Enjoy your coffee!

Anne Whitson, M.A., N.S.
Nutrition/Life Coach
Ubbe’s Fitness Studio

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