Wonder why “they” keep telling us drink more water?


When we’re chronically dehydrated, our thirst signal can decrease, so we might not feel thirsty. But water is the most common deficiency in the U.S.

So what happens when we drink coffee, soda, packaged fruit juice, energy drinks, and alcohol instead of water?
Blood gets thicker. So does lymph and intercellular fluid. These are how we transport stuff throughout our bodies, so when we’re dehydrated, the flow slows, and there’s traffic jams:

1. Metabolism and blood sugar don’t work well, because hormones don’t move efficiently.

2. We get sick more, because drier lung and stomach linings let in germs more easily. Sluggish lymph flow means we don’t heal quickly. Histamine activity is exaggerated, making asthma and allergies worse.

3. Heart disease risk goes up with blood viscosity; it’s harder to pump thick liquids. And when we’re dehydrated, the vascular system selectively closes blood vessels, leading to hypertension.

4. Our natural detoxification systems get clogged – ever try to flush a toilet without water? We need fluid blood to deliver toxins to lymph and liver. We need water to get rid of toxins by sweating, exhaling, urinating, and defecating. If the body can’t get rid of toxins, it stores them – especially in fat tissue. Toxic fat tissue is most resistant to weight release.

How do I know if I’m dehydrated?
Early signs:
- fatigue – cravings
- anxiety – cramps
- irritability – headache
- depression

Mature signs:
- heartburn – fibromyalgia
- joint pain – constipation
- back pain – colitis
- migraines

So party on and drink responsibly – half your body weight in fl oz of water every day, preferably spring or well water.

Anne Whitson, MA, NTP
Ubbe’s Fitness Studio

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