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What is your real weight?

Weight loss fads.

We will take a sober look at weight.

Why do some people lose weight easier?

What does losing weight mean to you?

How to find your triggers.

Food, what is that? Are we eating products?

Supplements, do I need them?

Why is it easier for some to lose weight?

Your Subconscious Mind and Weight-loss:

Why do you eat, act or do things that might be detrimental to you and your health?

Support system.

Neurotransmission and weight-loss.

Why is change hard?

What’s your self talk?

Can overeating be a trance is that natural?

Spontaneous healing, and placebo effect.

Is eating while feeling sad a natural response?

Food addiction, is there such a thing?

Why do you eat when you know you should not?

Who is predisposed to addiction?

Depression anxiety and obesity, how do they go together?

Why do I gravitate towards certain foods?

Emotions and food.

Choice of drug...

Vanity versus pathological vanity.


Real function and turning off primal response.

Stress Bucket.

Adrenal fatigue.

Cumulative insulin.

Stimulants what do they do to us?



Bodies defense systems - leave them alone.

Primal responses and defense systems.

Para sympathetic versus sympathetic nervous system.

Is it okay to get sick?

Our bodies are designed to stay healthy, it has to work hard to be sick.

How does your body communicate with you?

Money and Health:

Food industry, medical industry, FDA & politics.

Why does the doctor tell me something different?


Macronutrients Why people do not lose weight at health clubs.

How does a Medical Society measure pathology?

Healthcare or sick care.

Life style changes versus medications.


Elimination pathways.

Unlocking your body

Environmental toxins.

How is toxic overload and weight-loss related?

A day in a persons life.


How long can we live?

Endocrine function:

Menopause and Andropause


What foods feed it, and how can you position yourself to keep it at bay.


What is the best exercise?

Muscle building.



Sports specific.


Corrective, and body alignment. Training in the pattern you want your body to be in.



How to get the max out your workout.

What did bodybuilding due to health?

Training for the aging population.

Is more exercise better?

Use it or loose it.

Training fads.

What is correct form?

Kids how they eat, and what should they eat:

ADHD and other conditions.

Three paths of Pathology

Organ function

Intestinal dysfunction

Your skin is a mirror of your insides

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