Ubbe Liljeblad, is a personal fitness trainer, hypnotherapist, and life coach with 25 years’ experience in the health field.

His career started in his native Sweden as a competitive gymnast from the age of three. At eight he started lifting weights to enhance his gymnastic performance, and at sixteen he took up the sport of bodybuilding, later achieving a win in the famous Mr. Sweden competition. His passion for helping fellow humans began when he worked as an ambulance driver. Since 1993, Ubbe has been creating success for U.S. clients, who range from overweight non-athletes to extreme athletes such as noted Everest climber Ed Viesturs.

In the late 90s, Ubbe began to study the high success rates for hypnosis in treating obesity, and in 2006 he became a member of the medical and dental association as a licensed hypnotherapist. Ubbe continually explores breaking-edge nutritional and behavioral health research around the world.

Ubbe began his work in conventional health clubs, later specializing, following his passion to individually customize techniques for achieving and sustaining client goals.

Photo of Ubbe with 94 year old Jack Lalanne

Anne Whitson, M.A., N.S., brings to her clients years of training, research, experience of training, research, experience. A college professor since 1986, she teaches strategies for goal and career exploration, self-motivation, reducing anxiety, and strengthening focus.

Since 1994 Anne has also been a personality styles consultant, lecturer, and guide, specializing in the uses of Myers-Briggs typology for personal, family, and educational development.

In 2004, Anne used cutting edge research and professional support (including Ubbe!) to make fundamental lifestyle changes; she lost 80 lbs. and got fitter, healthier, happier. Now Anne is a Life Coach and Nutrition Specialist whose passion is helping clients find their passions and achieve their goals.

Edle Liljeblad
Edle (pronounced Ed-la) Liljeblad is a personal trainer and fitness instructor with a longtime love of fitness.

Edle was born and raised on a family farm in Norway. She took up soccer almost as soon as she learned to walk and was accepted into a soccer university program at the age of 16. Life had other intentions for her and she moved to Bainbridge Island, WA with her family that year. At the age of 19, Edle picked up her first dumbbell and found she thoroughly enjoyed the beneficial effects of weight and fitness training.

Since then, she has been very active in the health and fitness world. Some of her strengths include: attention to detail, commitment, positive attitude, strong understanding of human movement patterns and a very compassionate and supportive nature. Edle thrives on challenges and results and thoroughly enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. Edle believes that exercise should be enjoyable and integrated into your busy life.

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