Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING – something for everyone

Ubbe’s Training Studio offers customized performance support; for example, Ubbe trains extreme athletes such as the renowned mountain climber Ed Viesturs. We do physical and mental training with athletes of all ages in any sport, or simply to make skiing or hiking more pleasurable.

We schedule private training for groups up to five, as well as for individuals. We create workouts for every fitness level, from a gentle workout for beginners and those recovering from injury, to a kick-butt exercise class engineered for all the body’s systems; this class combines yoga, resistance training, and cardio.

You can create your own classes at Ubbe’s. Have fun with friends while getting in shape for the season or after pregnancy or just for energy and strength.

Our range of options allows for a range of prices, so that personal training is affordable for all. Call to design a program for your goals and budget.


NUTRITION/LIFE COACHING – private weight loss support

Successful change is not about willpower. It takes new perspectives, better information, new beliefs, a supportive environment. We find true health and optimal performance by examining perspectives and behaviors, through education as well as diet and exercise. At Ubbe’s we promote lifestyle change via hypnotherapy and life coaching as well as breaking edge nutrition advice and satisfying workouts. We help clients become who they want to be, enjoying a healthy lifestyle; satisfying, nutrition-rich food; and an abundance of energy.

For weight loss, we combine the three most proven strategies: hypnotherapy, coaching, and customized exercise. This holistic approach allows our clients to free themselves not only from unhealthy weight, but also from beliefs and habits that create it, so they keep their healthy bodies long-term.

Client success has ranged from an 80-lb loss sustained for years, to weight loss as quick as 40 lbs in three months (which can be okay at first for those with more than 100 lbs to shed). Typical is 20-30 lbs in 3 months.

Ubbe’s offers weight-loss packages for individuals and groups; these combine regular work with a personal trainer, a coach, and a hypnotherapist.

HYPNOTHERAPY – supporting all of your goals

Hypnosis, a communication process that allows one’s conscious and subconscious minds to come together and believe the same message, is highly successful in helping clients release excess weight, become nonsmokers, let go of phobias – any habits, beliefs, attitudes that get in the way of an optimal life.

HEALTH EVENTS– classes, services.

Health trips, Iridology, Reiki, Personality Style seminars, much more. We regularly bring in educators and providers to offer our clients opportunities for healing, growth, and better health. Keep an eye on the studio news section of our website or sign up for email notices.

If you’re interested in providing your service at Ubbe’s, call (206) 780-8408.

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